Sunday, July 3, 2011

Social Media, Marketing and Getting Connected Part III

©2011 Odilia Rivera Santos

I am sitting in my living room, listening to the rain. I noticed an article in am New York about the need to disconnect from social New York:Social Media Detox and thought about how there is a social media gluttony in which people indulge. And the outcome is the same as any other overindulgence.
There is definitely a specific kind of fatigue that settles in if one spends too many hours marketing work, and the number of articles on marketing are endless. One could easily spend five hours a day just reading and another five applying newly-found marketing wisdom. On Friday, I was powerstomping down the street, listening to music and considering my options for a comfortable coffee shop in which to sit and do some writing. As I was walking by the outdoor seating area of a restaurant, a hand waved, which I ignored, and then, another hand waved. I looked and noticed it was a group of former co-workers from the strangest job I ever had -- at a spine center. I decided to forgo my obsessive writing plans and sit with the group. Everyone had undergone major changes in their lives since our last conversations years ago. I ended up staying with the group for five hours and felt very grateful to have run into them. I needed a break from my social media accounts and writing. There are times at which you must sit still and trust that work you've already completed is really good and will get attention even if you skip a day in your networking.

Limiting your choices
I currently use Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Instead of adding to my array of social media sites, I decided to do my best to improve content on each. There is a learning curve on social media sites and a culture, which you must learn in order to engage anyone. I use my social media accounts to get readers interested in my writing. All media accounts lead back here to my blog and I hope to also entice readers to buy my e-books, Latinalogue, Puerto Rican Nonfiction Part I and I am writing a book on writing The Little Writing Guide which will be available for purchase this week.
Rules and breaking them
One of the rules I have read many times over about blogging is that one should include pictures, video and limit posts to under 1000 words; yet, there are always exceptional exceptions to the rule. The Elegant Variation, Bookslut, and Information is Beautiful are all dedicated to language, literature, and the attainment of knowledge as fun. For some of us, it is fun to focus and learn without Las Vegas-like distractions. I can stare at words for hours without looking at one bright amusing photo.

Automatic Pilot
There are times at which social media usage feels mechanical, but I do it anyway. I listen to music on my headphones and remember to keep my eyes on the prize. And if music isn't enough to override what feels like licking stamps, I listen to a lecture or a film. Social media marketing then becomes an adjunct to a correspondence course in which I utilize higher level thinking to avoid sinking into the monkey mind of being online.
I also go online as one might go into a burning building: I know exactly where I'm going, what I am getting, and I don't dawdle.

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Bring a laptop to set up accounts and/or learn to connect to networking opportunities

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