Sunday, October 7, 2012

Artists, Business Owners and Social Media Marketing Courses at Breath and Bones Yoga taught by Odilia Rivera-Santos

In his articleWhy aren’t more business leaders online? Richard Branson writes that only 16% of CEOs use social media.
Whether you own or manage a business with thousands of employees or are self-employed, using social media is an absolute necessity.


Business owners need to understand how to create a brand, engage potential customers and how to turn that online interaction into a business transaction. You can learn how social media marketing works and decide if it is something you'd prefer to outsource or handle yourself. Either way, you need to understand how social media sites work to supervise someone else.

Artists and freelancers are business owners and independent contractors

Artists are responsible for marketing their own work unless they've achieved a level of success at which it is not feasible for them to do their own social media marketing. And some famous artists enjoy being online in order to connect with their audience.
Freelancers must stay ahead to avoid falling behind when it comes to getting paying gigs. Using Linkedin effectively is useful for everyone, but especially for freelancers/consultants.

Research and teaching
I have fourteen years of experience as a teacher and have taught individuals to do their own marketing on a one-on-one basis. These workshops are for small groups, so people can set up their accounts in the class and get started for real.

Which workshop should you take?

Social Media Marketing for Beginners

This is a workshop suited to absolute beginners who may be considering how to use social media for their businesses or for those who simply want to understand the process in order to effectively choose and monitor the individual they choose to create their online brand. Creating a trajectory for one's business is something done not only in one's business plan, but in the ephemeral world known as the Internet.

Using Social Media Marketing to Advance your Business

In this six-hour workshop, participants will learn how to
- make the most of their online presence
- deal with the confusing world of updating various sites
- connect with those who can maximize business connections and help create more income. Creating a trajectory for one's business is something done not only in one's business plan, but in the ephemeral world known as the Internet.

If interested in either workshop, please email me at cantaahora at
Art, business, life and marketing is a continuum.
Wake up, go online and engage fully with your potential.

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