Monday, February 17, 2014

I am a Writer writing about writing by Odilia Rivera-Santos

I have taken two short breaks from writing since the age of six and I ended up doing research. Doing research in myriad ways, not in the traditional book-learnin way.
I used the non-writing time to listen to people more carefully and watch with more engagement of all my senses than usual. 
It is always fascinating to see a person's use of language and not just hear it and to observe a person's ideas about himself/herself and the world become a solidified reality. A thought set loose to create events, guide actions and skyscrapers built on the foundation of a notion.

Writing is my work, my hobby, my entertainment, my gift from God and a source of happiness that has never failed me. 
I am a creative, which is a little bit different than doing something creatively. And the elements which make me dream higher and bigger than many others are akin to the euphoria of the first strong sunlight toward the end of Spring or dipping my toes in the ocean in Puerto Rico to find it's a big hot tub, overwhelming with warmth and love. And who could ever tire of warmth and love?
In the chill of the coldest winter in eighty years in New York City, I carry my portable sunshine, euphoria, hot tub Puerto Rican ocean in my pocket with a pen, ready to serve my purpose on this earth always.

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