Sunday, April 13, 2014

Artist Interviews: Jani Rose, Actor, Poet, Creator and Dean at LaSopa,High Priestess of Capicu

1. What is a recurring element in your dreams?

As far back as I can remember I have lost track of something and spent the rest of the dream trying to get back to it. 
When I was young I would get lost and try to find my way back to my home. When I got older it was that I had a performance at school and was running late because I couldn't find my way back. Once, one of the boys got off the train at the wrong platform and I was trying to get back to the platform to get him. I would lose a person that was with me in the mix. A thing, a place or a person.
Other things happen in these dreams, sidetracking me, then I'd remember and get back to the underlying mission threaded throughout the escapade. 

2. What is the main fuel for your creativity? 

Creativity in nature or in others. There's the usual - hearing a great piece of music, witnessing a beautiful sight, taking in a great poem. There's also the unexpected - a good conversation, a scientific understanding, unusual survival methods. The indomitable creative spirit thread throughout existence, constantly creating and surprising, is inspirational. 

3. What exhausts you and why? 

The limits the flesh imposes upon the understanding and compassion between living creatures. Its influence makes us naturally self-seeking and causes confusion and discord. 

4. What is your favorite crayon color and why? 

Thistle - It's a pinky lavender. The color itself is magic. The name made it even more exciting. T-h-i-s-t-l-e. When I looked up what it actually is, I was hooked. It's a fuzzy Scottish flower that looks soft and fluffy, but has prickles. Like me. Like roses.
Honorable mention: I'm not a particularly big fan of the color blue but Cornflower blue mesmerized me. The creamy blue reminds me of Delftware. 

5. What music is in your life's soundtrack? 

I would full-out sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow (The Wizard of Oz) and Tomorrow (Annie) with tears in my eyes, like my life depended upon them as a kid.
You know how, when you break up with someone you have that song. The Styx', Don't Let it End, was my song for my father after he moved out. It was my father's and my breakup song. Biggest heartbreak of my life and I was 5 years old. 
So Mami and I wailed Gloria Gaynor's, I Will Survive together. And then we celebrated life with Anita Ward's, Ring my Bell. Both of those songs remind me of cleaning the house on Saturday mornings; they smell like Windex and Pledge. 

Ponle Aceite a Mi Lampara Senor, Alabare a Mi Senor - I was raised Pentecostal Christian

We had a lot of records in my house. I had my own serious stereo and record collection when I was 9.
The Beatles, Johnny Pacheco, Pink Floyd, Minnie Ripperton, Jefferson Airplane, Bill Withers, Motown, Joe Bataan, Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Fania, El Gran Combo, Bette Midler, Elvis, Billy Joel, Ana Gabriel, Procol Harum, The Stylistics, The Delphonics, The Shirelles .The Police, the Moody Blues...There's no way I can make this list!

I loved hip-hop and was grateful to be a little girl rolling with teenagers in the 80s. My uncle was 20 when I was 7, so I rolled with the b-boys and would do my little electric boogaloo for them on the cardboard stage. 
Of course every thing Michael Jackson did from Ben to Leave Me Alone. 
R&B - New Edition, Whitney, Bobby, Shirley Murdock, Guy, Shy, Jodeci, whoooo, R Kelly. 
Then Madonna happened - That woman raised me. I am very much a product of her product. True Blue, Bedtimes Stories and Erotica - listen to them. Think of me. Understand me a little better. 
I got into jazz as a teen. Ella, Dizzy, Satchmo, Miles. Fell deeply in love with Billie Holliday, she was like me. There, but for the grace of God. 
The Great Adventures of Slick Rick was genius. 

Nirvana and Wu-Tang carried me through my teen years. Especially, Method Man. Busta & L.o.N.S. Tribe Called Quest is everything.

When I had my little boy at 19, I sang Zion and Killing Me Softly to him.
I walked down the aisle to Maxwell's, Whenever Wherever Whatever. He and D'Angelo, Jill Scott. 
Right now I am obsessed with Rodriguez. 
Someday I'd like to make a comprehensive chronological collection.

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