Monday, October 13, 2014

Artists loose in the World by Odilia Rivera-Santos

If you are an Artist and you enjoy utilizing your creativity in everything you do, beware the non-creatives who will label you as strange. You are strange to those who've had a steady bu·reau·crat·ic education -- professional-filers-of-papers who hold the direct deposit form in their hands. Once you've said your poetry has been published, your paintings have been shown somewheres or you've acted in a play, the brutocrat will be suspicious. Wear monochromatic suits and use monochromatic language and ignore the condescencion of those who don't understand why you would mix the real world of the real world and the real world of art. But engagement with a world beyond one's self has great value -- to not be in an environment where every 'artistic' bit of whimsy is not appreciated has the power to shape parts of the mind necessary for discipline and timing in art or in Art. I am on my bed where I do a lot of writing and reading since my insomnia was resolved by my Chinese TCM Doctor years ago. I am drinking a delicious cup of organic coffee and just finished a bowl of eight-grain cereal and there are a couple of birds swishing their wings and a car or two rolling by and I started to think about how important it is for Artists to engage with the everyday world so as to avoid a drift into the nothingness of doing only for ourselves and our need to produce something with the creative impulse beating inside of us. To be disconnected from those who are unlike us and from those who suffer or struggle in different ways than us would be to disengage from social responsibility. What kind of art could one create without a sense of responsibility toward others? Did Proust ever leave his bedroom to give away stale madeleines to local peasants?

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