Saturday, August 27, 2011

Books to read during the aftermath of a breakup

©2011 Odilia Rivera Santos
I am sitting on my living room floor, waiting for the hurricane to pass through Manhattan.
My neighbors invited me to an afternoon get-together to drink Bustelo, eat cookies and watch the leaves and possibly some trees fly by the two large windows, which serve as a simple white frame to our temporary world. In-between the two windows, there is a gigantic portrait of Jesus or maybe, I should say Jesús since it is a Dominican household.

But I feel like being alone today, alone with my books and my writing. As I was sorting through books today, I was very proud to see how few I had. Book hoarding is neater than hoarding food, but it still creates unnecessary clutter, something I abhor.
My Kindle has certainly helped reduce my book purchases. There are some books I donated to the universal library that I miss, but it was a much-needed purge. People often ask me for a list of books to read, so here is what's left of my library, in paper form anyway. See which ones appeal to you, read them, and next time you see me, we'll talk about a book.

Their Eyes were watching God
Colored People - Louis Gates Jr.
No name in the street Baldwin
Learned Optimism
The Stories of Nabokov
Imperial Spain
Robert Hughes Goya
The Aeneid
The Odyssey
On Writing
Art and Artists
Meridians - a literary journal in which my poetry was featured.
The praise of Folly
Protagoras - Plato
Pedro Paramo - Juan Rulfo
Residencia en la Tierra - Neruda
La devoción de la Cruz - Pedro Calderón de la Barca
Summa Poética Nicolás Guillen
El arbol de la ciencia Pio Baroja
Don Quijote de la Mancha II
Guzmán de Alfarache I Jose Maria Mico
La Dorotea Lope de Vega
Ficciones Jorge Luis Borges
Antes que Anochezca Reinaldo Arenas
Los principes nubios Juan Bonilla
The Cosmic Race
Rex Pickett - Sideways and Vertical
El Bosco
Dylan Willoughy poetry
Larousse diccionairo
Oxford The Oxford classical dictionary
La Diana - Montemayor
El Criticón - Báltasar
Don Quijote I
Los Sueños Quevedo
Los de abajo - Mariano Azuela
Langenscheidt’s Spanish dict
Guzman de Alfarache II - Mateo Aleman
Cuentos fantásticos - Benito Pérez Galdós
Huasipungo - Jorge Icaza
El Caballero de Olmedo - Lope de Vega
Naufragios - Alvar nuñez cabeza de vaca
Hemingway’s chair
El Buscón Quevedo
Travels with Herodotus - Ryszard Kapuscinski
Oresteia - Aeschylus I
Greek Tragedies David Greene and Richard Lattimore - Vol. I
Annie John - Jamaica Kincaid
Novelas Ejemplares -- Cervantes
RAE Diccionario
The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature
Laberinto José M. Espino
Gorgias - Plato
The Serenity of Stone - Michael Fraser
The Inferno of Dante - Robert Pinsky trans.
Invisibility Blues - Michele Wallace
Portugues basico para estrangeiros
Abs Diet Books
Rabelais and his world - Bakhtin
The History of Western Philosophy - Bertrand Russell
The Sounds of Poetry - Robert Pinsky
Poetics - Aristotle
Modern Philosophy - Roger Scruton
Rayuela - Julio Cortázar

Historia de la literatura hispanoamericana 1. de los orígenes a la emancipación
 2. del romanticismo al modernismo
3. postmodernismo, vanguardia, regionalismo - José Miguel Oviedo

The Myth of Freedom - Chögyam Trungpa
Essential Tibetan Buddhism - Robert A. F. Thurman
Introduction to Buddhism -- Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
The way of the small - Michael Gellert
Tropic of Capricorn -- Miller!/latinaauthor!/urbanbrainiac!/bezotes

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