Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lerds (Latino Nerds) - Odilia Rivera-Santos

Odilia Rivera Santos

A couple of months ago, I read a post by a Latino deriding formal training for a writer and a comment about how 'old style' poetry was no longer relevant. It led me to thinking about Latino nerds who embrace reading everything from poetry of the Spanish Golden Age to Jean Grae lyrics, drinking each in without a judgement about whether to compare the two, but just admiration of poetic skill.
As a natural-born word inventicator, it led me to create the word 'Lerd,' (Latino+Nerd = Lerd. There's maff in this blog sometimes) and I posted it on the Latino Rebels Facebook fanpage in homage to those of us who read unexpurgated versions of a text, in two or more languages, considering reading Spark or Cliff notes an aberration.
I noticed yesterday that two people had adopted lerd as a twitter handle -- one is @lerd and the other @lerds. And I hope, along with the handle, they consider the Lerd lifestyle: read, analyze, observe, write, opinonate, agitate, and always put legs on goals and prayers by taking action.

Now, I feel compelled to do extensive research on my new word to see if others have used it in different contexts and who knows where this research may lead. . . I'm living the dream!

Live the dream, lerds!

I gotta go back to bed and finishing editing my novel. Good night.

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