Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blip Journal; the progress of a NYC writer.

Odilia Rivera-Santos

I sat on the lawn in a secluded area of Central Park, on a hill, on a space blanket in the shade with sun fighting through, eating goat cheese and kale crunch with my friend, waiting for the rain to fall and poof her coif and mine, but an insistent raccoon chased us from our spot to find another closer to civilization and the road where bike riders whizzed by, runners limped along damp and tourists gazed at us and smiled.
It is Memorial Day weekend and time to reflect on sacrifice, sunshine, gratitude and love.
We watched the blue sky turn to gray and rain, spoke to children who sang and screamed and discussed those things allowed to fall by the wayside due to their irrelevance and lack of light. Life was peaceful and simple today devoid of unnecessary drama and unadorned with things that don't adorn.
It was a day filled with heat, humidity and gratitude for being alive to feel the heat and humidity

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