Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Art is my Homeboy by Odilia Rivera-Santos

I was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico and moved with my family to the South Bronx at age six. To learn English, I began to keep a journal in which I recorded details about the neighborhood, snippets about books and film. After I mastered the English language, I wrote reviews of books and films as well as recording everyday life. Since elementary school, my education has been firmly rooted in the liberal arts; music, literature, visual art, and film have been a constant in my life.

I received a BA in Comparative Literature and Creative Writing from Smith College, studied geology, sociology and literature at Vassar College, creative writing, screenplay writing, nutrition, exercise physiology and literature and philosophy of the Baroque period in Spain at CUNY, educational psychology at Touro, holistic studies at The New York Open Center and The Swedish Massage Institute, and taught many subjects as an college adjunct. I am a nerd.

I did direct service as a teacher, job readiness counselor, liaison between social workers and clients on public assistance, as a health advocate, teaching health literacy and nutrition classes, and as an advocate/teacher for undocumented immigrants. I also worked in a homeless shelter for recently-released male prisoners. The experience of making a contribution to New York City, a place that has given me so much, was both spiritually and artistically fulfilling.
I consider the aforementioned work my MFA in writing.

At present, I am a freelance writer/editor/translator/Wellness Coach/Nutritional Counselor/Singer/Film Producer/Social Media Management Specialist and I love my work. There is nothing I'd rather be doing. Do what you love and the movie will follow

Art is my homeboy.

I chose to work with Eddy Duran because he is a very talented, determined writer and Pale Blue Light is a show with tremendous potential -- it highlights human relationships within the context of our beautiful frenetic city and Hip Hop culture, the subculture which dominates culture around the world.

All we need is your participation. Please keep art alive, actors, writers, set designers, those people who run around with kidnapper's tape, directors and producers doing what they do well.

Please donate to the greatest cause there is: ART. Pale Blue Light, a new series about the Hip Hop music industry, NYC, culture, and the life of a family.


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