Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pursuing the Ultimate Dream by Odilia Rivera-Santos

Seven years ago, I asked my sister if she'd like to start a catering business. As traditional Puerto Rican women, we were taught to cook, sew, keep house, etc, and I pondered whether to professionalize our cooking. My sister wasn't interested and I allowed the idea to rattle around my brain while reading articles here and there regarding the food business. I have two streams of income at present: personal training and Nerd Services: writing, editing, social media consulting, translating and overusing the gerund when asked.

Writers listen intently to words, love to learn something new and it is this curiosity which connects us to each other and our readers. While speaking to my business mentors and reading The Freelancer's Bible by Sara Horowitz, the founder of The Freelancer's Union, I began to make lists of work I'd enjoy.
There's no harm in accepting a job requiring me to go to an office and sit in a cubicle but it isn't something I'd want to do full-time. Cubicles never inspired me. Working remotely is more appealing because I have a thing for French cafés.

Additional Dream Jobs
While taking Rick Jarow's Creating the Work You Love workshop, he kept speaking about creating multiple streams of income. I prefer to think of it as multiple streams of happiness. Doing work that makes you happy is good for you.
The additional gigs I'd like to do writing for television or film, writing lyrics for musicals, creating content for wellness, nutrition and fitness Websites, blogging about writing, writing about blogging, writing novels that sell a la Rowling, singing at Carnegie Hall while wearing a purple Valentino gown, and running an organic food delivery business where clients would pay a fee for three daily meals and two snacks.

Someone told me I do a lot of things. To me, what I do is not a lot. Nutrition and fitness is the foundation of life and I'm very knowledgeable in this area and my strong liberal arts background required study, research, analysis, writing, and being able to digest information in order to glean its relevance and apply the new knowledge to my life.

I've been a hard-worker all my life and enjoy challenges. My last two years of earning the majority of my income as a freelancer have been tremendously interesting and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

The ultimate dream is to be immersed in work I love, but like is okay too.

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