Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Writing and Meaning, a writing workshop in Harlem, NYC

Writing Workshop in Harlem, starting April 2014

Happy New Year!!

What have I learned from teaching writing for 17 years?
It is better to start with a seed of an idea and slowly add nuances, shade, color and light.

A writer has to take an authoritative stance in order to be a writer.

Humility is not downgrading one's talents or being bashful when asked to share work; humility is a recognition that God has given you the gift and you are a caretaker.

Discipline - putting yourself in contexts in which you will NOT be able to coast on your natural ability. Creating opportunities for your intellect, talent and imagination to be challenged, tested, and pushed beyond your self-imposed limits.

Many writers are averse to reading something different. The classicists, for example, won't read a graphic novel and the Urban Fiction peeps avoid 19th Century European novels. Reading a variety of texts makes for fluidity in creative expression

I will be teaching a Writing Workshop in April in Harlem.
For details, email o.riverasantos at yahoo.com
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