Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love When You Say Love, a poetry collection

Odilia Rivera-Santos

I had a fantastic day today, hanging out with some artist friends -- painters, multimedia artists and musicians. We spoke about our projects, earning money from art and all the other skills we acquired whilst making art. It's always fascinating to hear the varied interests of creatives -- being intellectually curious, hardworking and experimenting is so ingrained in us that we take it for granted that everyone knows how to juggle different jobs/talents with aplomb.

My poetry collection will be out soon through Editorial Trance. I will again have the opportunity to test my entrepreneurial skills as I assist in marketing this little tome.
And, as promised, I will get back to the task of learning to format e-books in order to self-publish frequently and make my work readily available for my faithful readers -- some of whom have been reading my blogs since 2006.
It's the right time.

Buy my book here: Love When You Say Love

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