Monday, August 11, 2014

The Writing Life by Odilia Rivera-Santos

I am a Writer, happily agonizing over the challenges of earning money as a Writer. There is something to be found in the marginalia of that 'struggle'
and with those odd scraps, you build a life. I watched a documentary on a Writer considered so fresh and radical in his approach to creation and I thought he was one of those delicate creatures who could not stand the strong glare of fame, and his plumage and bright colors faded quickly. Some people are not meant for the big time. Their sense of self wavers and enters into a relay match with sycophantic admirers -- never a good kind of admirer. I'd rather the admirer who smiles at a turn of a phrase or sees the farce in your overly romanticized language and sees when you're just being silly,
I am sitting in a café, watching people come in and out and for a moment, it feels like Northampton and for another it feels like Berkley.
Two heroin addicts talking in circles and walking in a fog sit next to me with giant coffees in hand and sticky eyes looking around for something to casually palm on the way out. .. some distracted laptop-CEO's phone charger, wallet, iPad mini, retainer.
The behavior is the same, the eye scan is the same and the effort to imitate normalcy is the same -- the heroin addict's attempt at normalcy always looks like silent film acting.

I am interested in information, dismantling it, re-formatting and re-imagining it and defying my own expectations and limitations, so I am exactly where I am supposed to be... in the middle of the Artists' hustle.

At present, I am teaching Spanish, writing curricula for Creative Writing, Math, and Poetry courses and test-taking strategy. And I am enjoying the process of being in the process and knowing it's all going in the writing soup.

I will be teaching a six-week Creative Nonfiction Course in NYC
Location: Inwood / Manhattan
Start Date: August 24th
For Info: odiliariverasantos at

I am a bilingual, educated, culturally saavy Latina Writer and Social Media Consultant for hire!
If you would like to engage the 'other,' connect with me.
The 'other' is a huge market and we're not at the margins, 
we're right in the middle of everything. 
odiliariverasantos at

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