Friday, August 23, 2013

I see Gringos everywhere! Where are the Latinos? Odilia Rivera-Santos

Latinos are workers, tax payers, and consumers of many things, including culture and media.
We are guilty of not making enough noise when it comes to our representation in the media on American television. 
We are guilty of not making enough noise when it comes to the blatant racism in Spanish-language television. On Spanish-language television, Latinos know you have to be of European descent to represent. In the real world, the majority of Latinos are not White with blue eyes and blond hair. 
Where are the Latinas who look like me?
Where are the Latinos who look like my (Hershey's Dark Chocolate-colored) AfroPuerto Rican relatives?
Where are the Latinos of Asian descent?

Where are the Latinos ...period.

The African-American Community has done a brilliant job in the area of gaining visibility in film, television shows, etc. 
As Latinos, we have a lot to learn from our African American peeps.

I started to encourage Latinos and those who ADORE us to focus on our political and economic power in regards to our visibility in the media.


If you are an actor, writer,production crew member who is unemployed or underemployed, take daily steps to get back on track.
1. Call two people a day and tell them you're available to work on their project and tell them to give your number to someone else who might be in need of your services.
2. Promote your work online for two hours per day.
3. Pray for God to send you the right people and present you with the best opportunities to use your skills.
4. Write down other work you enjoy and would be willing to do to earn money.
5. Your 'B' job is the parent and your vision is your baby.
The parent has to provide whatever the baby needs and some babies are high-maintenance.
If your vision requires studio time, taking classes, buying equipment, you need to earn a higher salary. 

Be willing to take small steps each day toward achieving your goals.
It's not hard; it's challenging. And our minds need a challenge in order to work to the best of their potential

In other words, ¡pa'lante! #OdiliaRiveraSantos, your AfroPuerto Rican CEO

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