Thursday, August 15, 2013

Life Experiments ... Odilia Rivera-Santos

I am in the process of polishing a poetry manuscript, something that always puts me in a trance-like state.
I am writing two songs per day and have agreed to help a friend with an exciting project in Puerto Rico. And I continue to work in various fields in service to my art. Writing, teaching dance and health literacy, and translating. Everything I do is language.
Some musician friends are pushing me to sing and I will. Money comes in handy at the grocery store and when it's time to pay bills. Money will never be the driving force for me -- I have to care about what is doing. This is not to say I undervalue my work -- my fee for Writing Consultant work is still $100.00/hr.
Another item on the work menu is making a documentary on ex-cons and their re-entry into the real world. It is something I've wanted to do since working in a homeless shelter for recently-released male ex-cons. I ended up in a small office and one by one, a man sat down and told me his life story on between getting information to sign them up for health insurance. There were heartbreaking stories and hilarious ones, but the core issue for me was how to help these men make use of their talents, how to enter the world without feeling as though he had value and how to build an adult's sense of being connected to his community and how to create a healthy ego and self-esteem after a lifetime of hardship. 
This is something To which I am happy and willing to donate time, energy and love. 
My love life?
I get emails about this and here's the answer.
Work is always first but I am open to dating a 1.brilliant, 2.funny, 3.creative, 4.confident, 5.drug-free, 6.multilingual man who 7.enjoys socializing and he has to have a 8.strong sense of self. 

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