Sunday, November 10, 2013

Artist Interviews Benjamin Hey! Musician and Actor

       Photo Credit: Brad Calcaterra 
What was your first indication you might be an artist and how old were you?
When I was 7/8 years old, there was a talent show at the day care I would go to during the sumner and for after school. It was at the Pal Miccio Day Care Center in Red Hook. I just had to be in this talent show. A few of the boys in my class wanted to form a rap group. A few girls heard about us then a girl group formed. We were the ABCs & they were the 123s.
 We borrowed rhymes from Salt n Pepa & Slick Rick and I may have written a few other diss lines. At the end of the performance they didn't want to rank who was better. We were babies! But my group won. Hands down.

What are your favorite creative mediums and how do you create in each?
Singing, rapping and songwriting are my favorite mediums. I also love collaborating in the recording studio which I do frequently with my producers Clurel & Adriano. A song will download into my head from the server aka God and I'll race to my iPhone and sing into my voice memo. Sometimes it's just a melody that I'll hum or lyrics and melody together.

What did you use to ignite your creativity 10 years ago, 5 years ago and now?
10 years ago it would be a response song to a current hit song on the radio that would ignite my creativity. 5 years ago it would be a real life situation such as a relationship or "situation ship". These days it's more the latter and/or a phrase from a conversation

What will you do as a billionaire philanthropist?
As a billionaire, I will start the Damptey Life Academy which will equip underprivileged children with various life skills from socializing, tolerance, financial management, conflict resolution, self-care, communication and relaxation techniques

What makes you laugh uncontrollably?
An episode of The Simpsons from 3rd season on will have me cracking up!! 

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