Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shantell Martin, Artist. .. answers my Questions Odilia Rivera -Santos

I read an article about Ms. Martin in The New York Times, loved her art, connected with her on Facebook and saw her at the supermarket days later. Magical realism.

1. Who was your first artistic inspiration in your family?
What made this person special for you?

I have a memory of my mum drawing our dog Tammy when I was really young, I was blown away buy how good it was.

2. What was your most important mentorship experience before the age of 10?

Can’t really say I had any kind of mentor growing up.

3. What aspect of being An Artist excites you most?

I get to make up and live my own rules with regards to how, why and when I work.

4. What did you love to study as a child, as a teenager and what do you study now?

Maybe not study, But I loved to collect things when I was younger. I collected stamps, posters, old coins, foreign money, badges, plastic bags and a few other little odd things. I don’t really collect any more.

5. What are some of your creativity-conjuring rituals?

When I’m in that space where I’d like a brake from creating or I don’t feel creative, I take a brake, watch a bunch of movies, go for walks, see friends and am just much more social at some point I get bored of that n want to create again.

6. What do you hope to do?

Get organized. Been trying to tackle the task of making an inventory of all my work for a long time – It’s moving very slowly.

7. What have you done that really surprised you?

Made a career out of drawing.

8.What are your favorite colors to see on your plate?

Greens n reds

9. What do you love more than anything?



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