Monday, December 30, 2013

Artist Interviews: Revolution Coffee, roasted by Steve Mcfadden

When is the perfect time to start a business? 

1. For most of my professional life I was an auto mechanic. I worked in independent small mom and pop style shops for a little over 20 years. The auto repair industry in general has been slowly contracting for years as advances in technology have produced better quality vehicles that require less maintenance than the cars of yesteryear. Simply put, as the industry contracted so did my income.

2. I did not choose coffee roasting, it chose me. My now business partners had been roasting coffee at home for about a year when we had a discussion at a baby shower about starting a business. I had been laid off from my last job 6 months prior and had time on my hands which my now partners did not as they both have day jobs and the baby shower was for my partner's first born. So it was decided that they would capitalize the venture and I would invest the sweat equity and learn the craft of coffee roasting.

3. What I brought from my former career is an ability to troubleshoot problems and a strong back. ( did I mention the fact that unroasted coffee comes in 150 lb. bags?)

4. My hope is that we build a brand that is synonymous with quality and a source of pride for the region. I love where I come from and try to be a good ambassador for this area at every opportunity . 

5. The most exciting thing about starting this business for me is for the first time in my life I feel as if I have found a creative outlet that may just pay the bills.

Revolution Coffee is located in Collingswood, NJ

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