Saturday, December 28, 2013

Expanding your horizons and letting go of old attachments

Odilia Rivera-Santos

Any artist will tell you that making art requires sacrifice and focus. Regardless of your personal difficulties -- romantic, financial, hunger or any other sort of deprivation -- you make art.
Every day presents an opportunity to balance myriad interests, earn money from the 100 or so jobs you are well-trained to perform and make a little something. Creating something from your imagination, solitary-ness and the expertly honed nervous energy rushing through your veins is a thrilling sensation.
A week ago, I realized some of my attachments were eclipsing my performance as Writer and Creator. 
I let go of the attachments, which blocked my progress and feel freer.
In other words, I'm willing to relocate to a place more hospitable to creative types and willing to do so in whatever way the opportunity presents itself, without fear or hesitation.
The axiom -- or was it a rallying cry? -- of my teenage years is fitting for this revelation ... Fuck it!

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